Up And Comers In the Banner Ads

Time is changeable. Time is going, and change is coming. Similarly, like time, change is happening at ads. Regarding ads, the new one is coming here with so many advantages for the people, and the old one is leaving the platform gladly. Seeing it seems that it is a victory of time as well as nature.

Banners or online display ads have very recently been the nearly exclusive domain of Flash. However last September, Chrome and other browsers switched on a feature that automatically discontinues Flash excitations. This acts as a fatal blow for the Flash banner.

 But what signal is it for brands and how can digital agencies recover the same level of standard or more in this changing outlook?

Giants decline hard and fast

When Apple declared the iPad would not support the flash player in 2010, it perceived important, but not like the closing.

As of June 30th, 2016, the DoubleClick banner ad design platform will no longer take up Flash banner generative. Since January 2nd, 2017 they will not drive any Flash creative on the platform. In fact, Flash banner ads expired, and now HTML5 has to draw together where they left off.

The dissimilarity between Flash and HTML5

In fact, there has been an exciting six months re skilling and retooling realizes banner making processes. The initial cause reason is that, while tech-savvy designers could prepare Flash ads, HTML5 ads require design-aware techs. Flash hugged everything up for you. While you wish for custom fonts, a video, element effects, an animation and a form in your ad, it was no difficulty. Flash could do that in a single file that would play in all respect. HTML5 ad requires to load three versions of every font, requires two video formats and requirements elegant supporting CSS and JavaScript code as well.

Through the assistance of HTML5, it is feasible to install video and audio, high-quality drawings, charts and animation and many other precious contents except using any plugins and third party program as the utility made into the browser.

Indeed HTML5 rich media banner ads mark a new chapter of significant development in display ads. Nowadays, it is more demanding for marketers to catch the care of clients. Hence, it is necessary that if you as a marketer desire to win the range, you require taking benefits of the latest expertise.

In spite of the fact that HTML5 has moved new appeals, it’s also triggered a recent wave of creativity and innovation for banner ad marketing. The sole thing to do now is to keep clicking and find out moreover.


In reality, HTML5 is the most mobile-ready tool for developing mobile sites and apps. Through Adobe revealing the death of mobile Flash, hence you will calculate on HTML5 to perform your mobile web application improvement.

Mobile browsers have completely adopted HTML5. So making mobile prepared projects is as simple as designing and forming of their smaller touch screen shows, hence the time is for HTML5.


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