Theme Creator SoftwarePro Evolution Soccer 2014 marks a new beginning for Konami’s blockbuster soccer series, with an all-new engine enabling for just about every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to be completely reworked to make a game substantially closer to the excitement and assortment of a leading-level match. This function permits the user to speedily come across out if image components/patches or sound files required to make the current theme complete, have not however been imported to the present theme. All you have to do to bag Sony’s Theme Creator is head more than to Sony’s Developer internet site, specifically the Theme Creator net web page From there you can download the software and set up it onto your Computer or Mac. The software is a tool that is downloaded to your Computer and works with Adobe Photoshop permitting you to generate and export graphics that can be fine-tuned in the Theme Creator tool.

The Theme Creator BETA is a java application that you download to your computer system It comes with online documentation which guides you by way of the complete workflow from installing Theme Creator BETA, by means of creation of your theme to verification and finally publishing your theme on Google Play. You may possibly envisage theme creation as a quite complex method that only telephone developers can do. You’d be incorrect even though, since Theme Creator Pro tends to make it quite straightforward to design your own themes. The application permits you to produce new themes, edit an existing theme and save a theme.

Sony has provided detailed guidelines at its Theme Creator enable web page , and you’ll notice when you open a single of the PSDs that the best layer also holds instructions on how to edit the individual icons, wallpapers and so on. If … CONTINUE READING >>>