Theme Creator SoftwareFacebook Theme Creator lets you enhance your Facebook encounter by customizing the appear of the internet site. Looks like producers like Samsung and HTC have realized this secret and that’s why, new phones like the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the HTC One M9 come preloaded with an inbuilt theme engine that makes it possible for theming of just about just about every aspect of the phone’s UI. The new theme engine will hopefully make their way to some older devices by means of computer software updates.

On the other hand, the Nokia Theme Creator 4. uses various settings and image resolutions for the Nokia Series 90 and Series 80 GUI’s. Now the software program comes with complete access to the members-only Help Web site, with a wealth of details about producing your own themes – invaluable! For instance, if you currently began creating a theme, you need to have to update your project to operate with Theme Creator ..two BETA in a handful of manual actions. Design and style and customise your own desktops, menus and icons with Sony’s Theme Creator, totally free application that you can download for Pc and Mac proper now.

Every single image required for a total theme is saved in the chosen directory as apng file with the appropriate element size and given the appropriate file name. There are alternatives to this software, for example, Nokia Computer Suite which does not offer you the identical customization components, but it permits the user to entirely handle the Nokia device´s music, pictures and integrated applications. After you’ve completed creating your theme in Theme Creator Pro it can be saved either as a theme (.thm) file to be transferred straight to your phone.

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