How Web Developers Can Profit From MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Business?

The business owners have recognized the importance of online presence in this epoch of technology. And thus, most of the businesses are building their online presence. The demand for websites has gradually increased due to this reason. As a result, website design and development has become a robust business.

The first step of any business that has to move online is, designing and developing a website for which the business owners have to get in touch with-“you”. The later comes the hosting phase. A web host helps to publish the web pages on the internet so as to be viewed on the web. Choosing a web host might be a tedious job for some because not everyone knows which hosting plan to choose for their website. And therefore, they look for suggestions offered by the web developer. You then forward this client to a reliable hosting provider.

But do you know you being a web developer can make a profitable income, instead of passing on the client to the web hosting provider? You can earn an additional income simply by starting your own web hosting business.

Wondering how is that possible? We have the answer- with MilesWeb reseller hosting you can generate a lump sum amount of revenue.  Let’s have a look at how exactly does this work.

How does MilesWeb reseller hosting work?

 In MilesWeb reseller hosting, you can allot a chunk of disk space, bandwidth and other resources to your clients after you purchase a reseller hosting plan from them. Without much of the server side knowledge, you can easily re-sell their hosting service to your clients and earn profitable income.

MilesWeb reseller hosting gives you the ability to create more than one hosting under one reseller account. Let’s call them sub-accounts. These sub-accounts can then be sold to your clients and you can earn the profit through the margin you receive. Your profit margin starts growing once your customer base grows.

MilesWeb reseller hosting is white labeled. Which means you can rebrand the hosting service with your own brand and logo.

Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb offers unlimited cheap reseller hosting plans at reasonable prices. Currently, they are offering a discount of 20% on all of these plans. Their basic plan of reseller hosting starts at Rs.290 per month. You get unlimited domains to host, with 100GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, Free SSL and domain reseller account. You get all this under the Smart Plan of MilesWeb. With Plus and Pro, you get all the above features with additional disk space of 500 GB and 1000 GB respectively. The price Plus plan of MilesWeb is Rs.540 per month whereas, you get Pro plan at Rs.790/mo. All the prices mentioned above are after applying a 20% discount on the actual price of the plans.

How Web Developers Can Profit From MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Business?

MilesWeb has separate plans for their customers who require FREE WHMCS tool with their reseller hosting plans. The names of these plans are Pluto, Mars and Jupiter. With Pluto plan you can host 25 domains, currently, this plan is offering a discount of 20%, with unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, Free SSL, free domain reseller account and free WHMCS, all this just at the price of Rs.640 per month (after discount price).

The Mars plan lets you host 100 domains including free WHMCS, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, Free SSL, free domain reseller account, at Rs.1400 per month. Presently with a discount of 30% on this plan, you get all the mentioned features just at Rs.980 per month.

Jupiter plan of MilesWeb is offering a highest discount of 50%. And you can host 200 domains with all the features that Pluto and Mars include.

How Web Developers Can Profit From MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Business?

Please note- MilesWeb has different prices for different server locations (India, US and UK for their reseller hosting plans.)

How Much Profit Can You Make From MilesWeb Reseller Hosting?

The amount of profit relies upon the number of hosting accounts you sell. And this depends upon the number of customers you have and the type of their websites. Let’s consider an example of the minimum plan that MilesWeb offers. If you want to buy the smart plan for 1 year it would cost you around Rs.4000 approximately. Assume that you have 20 clients. With 100 GB of disk space, say, you allocated 5GB for each client. And you sell each account for Rs.2000. Concluding your average profit could be Rs.40,000.

The Bottom Line

The best way to gain profit with just little efforts is reseller hosting. This business will prove to be more profitable, if you are already a developer/ designer. Because just by adding hosting service to your design/development package will add more value to your business and you can take it to a whole new level. In this way, you can become a one-stop solution for your customers and also help you to stand out from your competitors.