Explode the 5 Myths of Creating Your Own Profit Pulling Website

What’s your biggest obstacle to creating your own internet business? That’s a huge question.

Some say it’s not having their own product. Some claim that they have no mailing list, or no customers. Some suppose it’s because they don’t know how to drive visitors or traffic.

Surprisingly, the biggest hurdle most experience is that they don’t actually have a website on the net.

If you don’t have a live website, then you don’t have an internet business – it really is that simple! All these other considerations about getting visitors, building your mailing list, and what to sell, are all pointless conversations before you have that first website. Having a website on line is the start of a web business. If you don’t have a website, then this is the place to start.

Explode the 5 Myths of Creating Your Own Profit Pulling Website

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Let’s explode the 5 myths of building your own website…

Myth Number 1 – Websites have to be built by professionals

Truth – First off, you should know that there are plenty of web designers and web development companies out there that will construct your site for you – for a hefty price of course! I don’t recommend you go this route if all you really want is a one page minisite to sell your ebook or your software or audio program.

So, what’s the alternative?

Well, I would recommend that you at least learn the basics of HTML. That’s the computer language that web pages are made up from. Once you know how to build simple minisites then you will have all the knowledge that you need to test headlines, put video on your pages and do all the other things that create good sales.

Myth Number 2 – You can learn web site construction from a book.

Truth – Web site creation is a hands-on skill, not a head knowledge. This means you will learn from doing, not from reading books!

Many people fear actually getting in there and having a go, as it were. Well, this really is the only way you will learn website construction.

Sure, books can help, but you really should be looking for courses, classes or teachers that actually show you what to do. Being able to follow along and copy an experienced teacher will give you confidence, and really kick your learning into high gear.

Myth Number 3 – You have to be a “techie” to build websites.

Truth – If you can use a word processing program like Microsoft Word then you will have no problem building simple and effective web pages.

There are many software packages out there that give you a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ layout for your web page design. They allow you to type in text in just the right places, and to drop in graphics. The beauty is that what you see on the computer screen, is what you get on the web page.

This is the place to start for many budding web designers. It really couldn’t be easier.

Myth Number 4 – Web Design software is hugely expensive.

While is maybe true that the industry standard packages are quite costly there are many hugely capable software packages out there that cost little or are even free. That’s right you can get started building your web empire tomorrow with free software.

A lot of these packages have large dedicated groups of highly experienced, and friendly, users on line. These communities online will always help new users if they get stuck or are having problems. You don’t need to let the price of some web development software stand in your way of your internet success.

Look out for these 3 free or low cost software packages. Kompozer, CoffeeCup, and Amaya. Search for them on Google.

Myth number 5 – Effective websites have to be huge with hundreds of pages

It maybe true that the sites you have heard of like Facebook or eBay are large and have huge numbers of visitors. But to be successful in your own area of business you wont be taking on the big names will you?

A simple one page minisite will effectively sell your products. In fact, many internet marketing experts agree that the single page sales minisite is the most effective selling device on the net! They also largely agree that the more pages you have, the more you distract your visitors, and the less you sell!

So, if your goal is to sell online the simple one page minisite strategy is the way to go.

So, don’t let the myths of having your own high profit website online stop you from creating the internet business you always wanted. The truth is a whole lot better, quicker and easier.

The truth is, you really can have the profit pulling internet business that you always wanted!

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