Creating a Simple Website For Your Home Business

Creating a Simple Website For Your Home Business

Creating a Simple Website For Your Home Business

Yes, you can get yourself a website for your own work at home scheme. There are many DIY website tools, but I do not really rate a lot of these. For those wanting to get an internet presence quickly and easily, then blogging is the answer?

Not convinced? Well, the best blog tools have everything that you need, including:

easy to update via content management systems

professional templates for the design of your website, free to download and easy to activate

lots of added features to include, via plugins, for loads of extra functions

But isn’t a blog just for blogging?

But, surely a blog just means that you can then just keep blogging about your products? Well actually no, with the best blogging software you can add a range of pages to your site, with a hierarchy of pages if you want to add loads. Then, you can add blog posts on top of these, which is another great benefit.

What is the best blogging software?

So, which is the best blogging software to use? Which should you be using? Well, my recommendation is WordPress. If you are slightly technical, then you will be able to sort yourself a domain name and suitable PHP hosting with a MySQL database and upload the latest version of WordPress.

Does all of that sound foreign to you?

Do not worry – just look around for a host that offers easy WordPress installation. You might pay a touch more, but with a press of a button or two, the entire website will be created for you in WordPress.

Customise WordPress

Then, start working on your website! Choose a suitable theme that matches what you want to sell and has a good navigation structure.

If you are promoting just a small handful of products then you just need to create a page for each and link to every page from the main navigation area. This should happen automatically if you are careful choosing your theme. If you need lots of pages, then create high level category pages and then create the product pages as sub pages for these. Again, with a decent theme, all of this will be managed for you, or you can just talk about the products in the category pages and link to them manually.

WordPress is the best

WordPress is great for quickly and easily building your own website. I do not know of an easier to use tool available on the market, it beats all of the DIY website tools that I have ever tried. Plus, because it is a blogging tool, it has all of the essential blog tools built in, which means that you site can also include a blog. This is essential for the ultimate success of your blog.

So, find yourself a domain name, buy some hosting, activate WordPress and customise it and you have your own simple to build website!

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