Create a Website – Tools Needed

Create a Website – Tools Needed

Create a Website - Tools Needed

If you want to create a website, there are 4 basic tools you need to begin making your own web pages.

There are many reasons people create web pages and if you are thinking of building web pages for making money online, these are the basic tools you need to create your own:

Web Design Software Program

  Web Hosting (do not use free)

  Domain Name

  A Few Different Keyword Research Tools

Web Design Program

Trying to find the right web design builder for your project may get frustrating at times. Even if your website creation is to make money, you can use a free program.

There are many programs that let you have a lot of freedom building your pages.

Nvu is a free program to use if your money is limited.

You could also use the free web design programs available when you purchase a hosting package but they can be limited to placement of how you can set up your web pages.

While looking at different web design programs that you may use to create your web pages, keep in mind if the program will grow with you since you will learn different techniques as you go.

Web Hosting

There are so many different hosting plans online, you may find yourself wondering which one is the best for you.

When looking at hosting plans open a few different windows and view 2 or 3 plans side by side.

If you are just starting out, many times it is best to just start with a basic package and as time goes by, upgrade your plan.

If you plan on building multiple sites, you may want to look for a web hosting plan that you can have several domains under just one hosting plan.

Domain Name

This is a must if you want to make money on the internet.

If you are looking to make money as an affiliate, many companies will not accept you unless you have your own domain name.

Also, not having your own domain looks very unprofessional when you are selling a product or service.

You can purchase a domain for usually under $10 a year.

Many hosting companies are even giving you a free domain name when you purchase one of their plans.

This is another way that you can save money at the beginning.

When you are looking to purchase a domain name, you don’t have to purchase the domain and hosting at the same place.

If you find a good price for a name, you can buy it from one company and then purchase a hosting plan from another company.

Keyword Research Tools

This is a must tool when you are creating your web pages.

Researching your keywords is a very important part of building your own. Many times it is best to start out with this step.

Google Keyword Tool is a great free resource to use to help with researching your keywords.

The niche you may want to get into could be overly saturated or there may not be enough people searching for the product you are thinking of selling (or promoting).

Starting to create a website does not have to be a difficult process but you need to make the time to do your research.

Once you start making money, you may want to look into purchasing an autoresponder or more in-depth keyword research tool but you don’t need to have them right away.

The cost in creating a site varies but if you do your research you can start your own site creation for under $75 a year.

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